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Product introduction



Intended Useú║The product is indicated for use to establish a port of entry for endoscopic instruments in patients requiring minimally invasive surgical procedures.


Efficient ĘC integrated general cannula cap

í˝No need exchange adapter during surgery.

í˝Save operation time.


Convenient - detachable designúČeasy for specimen retrieval

í˝ Detachable cannula capúČeasy for specimen and tissue retrieval during surgery .


Stable - double sealing , prevent gas leakage

í˝Special materialúČdurable double sealing system .

í˝Reduce gas leakage when instruments get in or out of the trocar .

í˝Maintain artificial pneumoperitoneum even instruments get in or out of the trocar for many times .

í˝Stable gas tightness meet the demand of high-level laparoscopic surgery .


Reliable - greater abdominal wall retention

í˝The cannula's integrated thread design provides greater abdominal wall retention .

í˝Minimal trocar slip-outs .


Efficient - low system drag force

í˝Low system drag force and Funnel Lead-In .

í˝Enables smooth, one-handed instrument exchange.


Innovative - bladeless , optical tip

í˝ Direct visualization of tissue layers eliminates blind entry insertion.

í˝ The bladeless tip separates, rather than cuts, along tissue fibers, pushing tissue and vessels away. Reduce trauma,facilitate wound  healing .


Various - multiple specifications , different materials for choice

í˝ Various specifications meet different demands from clinical surgeries .

í˝ Stainless steel or medical polymer materials trocars for different choices