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Implantable Ligating Clip/Polymer ligating clip/Hem-o-lock

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Product introduction

Types£º XL/L/ML


Intended Use£ºThe product is intended to be used in ligating vessel /tissue bundle for open or laparoscopic surgery.


Features£º*Minimal injuries to blood vessel&tissue,
                 No slicing effect,
                 Protruding design and no loose clip,
                 Clipping device,complete closure and no slippage,
                 Hinge plus arch-shaped leg,awide range of ligation,
                 Touchable closure and tangible safety,
                 No scatter or artifact on CT/MRI,
                 Replacing silk suturing.
              *Made of polymeric materials,no absorption,
                Metal-like inertia features ,
                No supporting bacterial growth,
                No harboring of infective bacteria,
                No tissue rejection.