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Remote medical service prototype to mature business model is worth looking forward to

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In the Internet age, the health sector ,other sectors , and Internet fusion development has be a trend which cannot be halted. There are industry estimates, remote medical treatment market scale will exceed 10 billion Yuan by the end of 2017,the gold how to mining, what  business model can  open the treasure? Through Beijing Commercial Daily reporter¡¯s interviews, there are community health management, health monitoring, TCM international services such as remote medical service prototype surfaced, its mature    business mode is worth looking forward to.

Targeting population platform and pharmacy, hospital into what is telemedicine? According to the Beijing Business Daily reporter understanding, through the data, text, voice and image data remote transmission it can use the computer, communication, medical technology and equipment to provide medical information and services. In addition, it includes the establishment of multimedia medical consultation system, health management etc.. In foreign countries, the development of telemedicine has been nearly 40 years of history, but in China it starts by recent year.

In the past, many hospital carry out medical research on  difficult disease diagnosis, operation guide, but most remain in the single point, pure technical operation, they can not carry out a wide range of commercial medical technical service. But flexible operation companies that from the market, medical institutions, began to advance one step test.

Chen Hong Yan ,Chinese medical supplies Association Medical Branch Secretary started to test the remote medical treatment in 2012, "we feel that the Internet crowd is white-collar, we first made a white-collar aerobics software in the mobile phone, after playing ,the white-collar enter and they will search for oneself like such as doing aerobics, yoga, Tai Chi, Wu Qin Xi, with the entry page ,they follow the teacher to practice calisthenics, white-collar sometimes enter the cloud, cloud Medical Pharmacy. If they entered the cloud pharmacy in pharmacy, white-collar workers can search for cold medicine vitamin tablets, they eat like clouds, the pharmacy will provide services, telling  consumers the nearest pharmacy that  consumers need, then consumers place an order from a nearby pharmacy drug delivery. At this time the drug, 10% commission is cloud pharmacy "

So is the cloud in medical, white-collar gradually trust to exercise this page, and possibly have the needs of medical treatment, medical pages into the clouds. White collar is on the online doctor consultation, they need what kind of treatment to resolve the pain, the doctor tell him to go to the fastest hospital, and patients will need the medicine. The patient goes to a hospital to costs money, cloud medical will extract the 10% as their service fee.

"On the white-collar aerobics page, It can be implanted in advertising, some enterprises do some advertise about white-collar love of fitness equipment, nutrition, green living articles on this page , we collect enterprise advertising costs. This is very clear profit model, but this project is died later because of various reasons." Chen Hong Yan said.

We do cloud health management that  cooperates with the physical examination Chen Hong Yan said: "remote medical mode at present has no mature business model, I'm doing health management project now, it also becomes a cloud health projects, through the mobile phone terminal ,consumers can  measure their blood pressure, blood glucose, and other health indicators, such as blood pressure, blood sugar instrument ,production enterprises can cooperate with us, matching measured Bluetooth blood pressure and blood glucose meter and mobile phone system (some mobile phone equipment with blood pressure and blood glucose meter). By examining these health indicators, the background is summarized, generating medical report complete. According to the medical report, consumers can go to the nearby hospital, pharmacy and other treatment, medicine etc.. Patients need to pay a part of health management platform for mobile phone because of cloud health platform to hospital or pharmacy cost. Consumers¡¯ health examination will use the blood pressure , blood glucose meter and other medical devices,  these devices manufacturers  pay platform costs because this platform have a certain sales ."