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Imaging technology brings help for the early detection of breast cancer

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Investigation shows, the incidence of breast disease rises year by year, that has become the biggest hidden danger to women's health, especially breast cancer mortality rates continue to rise, threatening the health and life of women, in order to change the status quo of health departments úČwe advocate that women should carry out regular breast examinations. We should do breast cancer early detection and early treatment well, so we can improve the cure rate,  imaging technique provide possible for the early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, women of all ages should also be in accordance with the requirements of the regular physical examination, in order to ensure good health.

Women having breast disease incidence increased, a great relationship with the present social environment, now women have become an important member of the in the workplace, they face the pressure and workload that is very big, the double burden of mental and physical often lead to immune function affected women, so as to induce breast problems; in addition, women tend to marry late nowúČ late childbirth and short lactation,  it is also an important cause of high incidence of breast disease.

According to the survey, now breast disease showed the trend of younger, and increasing morbidity and mortality, it has already become the major diseases that  affect women's health, especially breast cancer is found late, and they missed the best opportunity for treatment, the cure rate is low. In order to change this situation, the Health Department urged women to have regular health checks. In today's society, imaging technology has achieved great development, through the breast X-ray examination we can find early breast cancer with a hope for a cure, especially the application of digital mammography system is applied , so that the breast examination result is more accurate, small mass and small calcification can be clearly shown. Before this, breast X-ray system in our country mostly rely on imports, so checking the cost is relatively high, many female friends is not willing to make a check because of the cost , now domestic mammary X-ray system has been the rapid development of technology, products can be comparable with the imported products, and the price is more favorable, inspection cost is reduced greatly, let female friends can no longer cost troubles.

In general, 20-50 year old women should have a breast examination each year, and more than 50-70 years old women should be one to two times the annual breast examination, if you have a family history of breast cancer in women, you should be early screening of breast cancer targeted, early detection and early treatment, your health  will be more secure.