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China's private hospital industry future development prospects

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At present, China's reform of the health care system continued to deepen, increasing the number of private hospitals, substantial growth in overall revenue size, there is some private hospitals can even threaten the public hospitals. However, medical treatment is difficult and expensive, and other undesirable phenomena deteriorating domestic public hospital, private hospital still shows "shortage" situation, so the future prospects of private hospital is very impressive.

Medical service market as the main public hospital is dominated in the past  . But in recent years, especially the  growth of private hospitals is rapid . From 2008 to 2013,the average growth rate of private is 16%. Government require that in 2015  the quality of  private hospital services  is accounted for more than doubled, reaching 20 percent.

According to the analysis: drug procurement system of private specialist hospitals and public hospitals are different, by contrast, drug procurement and private hospitals are more flexible, relatively low prices. In the future this will impact the current drug distribution company performance.

  According to industry analysts: the next few years, the state health department will be demand-oriented society, focusing on supporting two types of private medical institutions, one is the service of floating population, community clinics to meet the medical needs of the general population, outpatient, and government-run community health service centers are complementary; the other is high-grade, large-scale and strong market competition in the specialty medical institutions, and government-run public hospital complementary. .