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Changes of medical film industry technology brings development

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This century is a era of science and technology, in the present, technology can change the life, but also in the film industry, which has been effected by some new technology, some large generating business like Kodak film, Fuji film and so on are also in the introduction of new technology.

To have a look at today science and technology ,what kind of change they bring for the medical film industry , we look at how is science and technology progress from the contrast of traditional X ray film and paper medium film.

  Traditional X-ray film: we use the silver halide photographic material as the main photosensitive, silver halide grains to the emulsion particle size and one of the most important parameters, the distribution uniformity of the photosensitive film determines the quality of the emulsifier is good or bad.

         Traditional X-ray film: it have the characteristic such as save difficult, heat, light, pressure, bending, roll off, moisture, etc., it has adverse effects on the photosensitive layer. Traditional film of silver is affected by the nature of air temperature, humidity, etc., it will be in  slow decomposition. It makes the degree of decomposition of the original performance or quality mutate, such as reducing sensitivity , producing fog and other quality problems.

           Traditional X-ray film:it has the need for developing, fixing, washing, drying and other processing procedures, it costs a lot of manpower and financial resources. And flushing liquid waste processing pollutes the environment.

            Traditional X-ray film: because it contains silver halide, would cause environmental pollution, it has the need for recovery and destruction, high processing costs.

Paper-Film: The copperplate paper is coated with white raw materials.

Paper-Film: Save relatively simple: Store in a cool, dry, ventilated, non-corrosive gases clean room, stacking three layers, from the ground more than 15cm away from the wall, can be stored at room temperature.

 Paper-Film: color laser printer to print through. Print speed is fast, colorful, image data can be stored for a long without fading. True representation of various medical imaging systems after treatment, eliminating the traditional silver product was fixing washing machining program, the complete elimination of the traditional photographic processing waste liquid pollution of the environment.

 Paper-film is biodegradable,and has no environmental pollution

From the above we can see some of the analysis is that the new product uses a new technology,  it is better than previous products whether manufacturing or processing later.