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The first half of 2014 investment strategy: Medical incremental market, focus on the reform and innovation

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Incremental market era, change and innovation through the pharmaceutical industry as the theme. After three rounds of medical reform, medical reform Chinese has completed the full coverage of the base, the total of the pharmaceutical industry is rapidly increasing. However, due to aging, reform, technology innovation and awareness of personal health promotion, the pharmaceutical industry ushered in the incremental market huge. This increase in the market, change and innovation all throughout the trend. The two point has become our investment choice keyword focus.

The reform of public hospitals dividends, medical service highlight the investment opportunities. The huge demand of medical service, the efficiency of medical institutions put great demands. The reform of public hospitals, improve quantity, the medical institutions, professional quality, efficiency and service awareness has become an inevitable trend. We recommend Dean diagnosis, gene and its medical.

Heavy pound generics, dialysis industry and medicine won opportunities in the medicine bidding change. The pharmaceutical industry in 2014 the overall trend showed health care expenditure control, tender commercial insurance and serious illness health promotion intervention. We describe the opportunity to invest in medicine bidding from three aspects: heavy generics will achieve import substitution in medicine bidding, we recommend, Conba pharmaceutical, Fu'an pharmaceutical and sea Cisco; benefit from the medical insurance of a serious illness of the dialysis industry baofashi growth opportunities, we recommend Huaren pharmaceutical, Paulette and our shares subdivision industry; pieces of Chinese medicine to continue to enjoy the dividend policy, we recommend HongRi pharmaceutical and Xiangxue pharmaceutical.

The innovation of science and technology impact the pharmaceutical industry, equipment innovation and medical electric favored by the market. Science and technology innovation penetration of pharmaceutical industry segments. Particularly important in equipment industry innovation and development, to improve medical and Bo Hui innovation as the representative of the high-end equipment enterprises will develop fast. In addition, the Internet technology impact medical business, we recommend private electric faucet kyushu.

Comprehensive consideration of various factors, we recommend HongRi Pharmaceutical (30026), Dean diagnosis (300244) and improve medical (300030) as the pharmaceutical industry in the second half of gold stocks, John Hancock medical (002219), Huaren Pharmaceutical (300110) and Kyushu (600998) as the pharmaceutical industry the second half of the growth stocks.