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2014 development trend of China Medical Devices

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It is rapidly developing medical devices, it rang from clinical applications Avenue to wearable medical devices. Development of medical devices  is so fast that it is beyond on our imagination. China's medical device industry started late, but strong growth in just 20 years has become the second largest in Asia after Japan's medical device market. From 2000 to 2009 , China's medical equipment industry as a whole turned 5.6 times the size of the industrial added value in the national share of GDP increased steadily. According to statistics, by of the end of 2010, the quality of China's medical device manufacturer is more than 14,000 (Source: China Business Press, 2011 published "2011 China Medical Device Trade Yearbook").

The proportion of the global market consumer devices and medicines  is for 7:10, the developed countries is 1: 1, while the proportion of Chinese equipment and medicines consumption is about 1: 2.5, there is a huge consumption potential in Chinese medical device market (Source: Friedrich Frost & Sullivan, "China puncture device market research report").In  next few years, deepening medical reform, the Chinese government is committed to rural and urban residents more secure, convenient and inexpensive public health primary care services. To establish a nationwide health care network, the government will carry out a large-scale investment in the field of medical equipment and facilities, which will bring China's medical device market more room for development. Meanwhile, the health-conscious Chinese residents are constantly enhanced the quality of medical services and standards continue to put forward higher requirements, which are contributed to a more advanced and safer medical devices full access to the Chinese market.

According to Frost & Sullivan's statistics, from 2008 to 2012, the scale of Chinese medical device market rose to 2,411.8 billion Yuan from 9,143.0 one hundred million Yuan  , an average annual compound growth rate of 18.8% is expected by 2017, China the size of the medical device market will reach 12,926.3 billion Yuan, an average annual compound growth rate is estimated at 15.4%. The large population of medical devices growing rigid demand, the long-term reserves of medical equipment and technical personnel of relevant disciplines and national medical device technology innovation vigorously support, is to protect and promote the rapid development of the power of the medical device industry. As a sunrise industry, China's medical equipment industry will maintain rapid development also requires the strong support of a large number of researchers and national policies. The Chinese medical device industry forefront walk in the world.

At present, China's medical equipment industry is still in the development stage to absorb innovation, innovation of medical equipment brands mostly in the low-end market, independent research and development capacity is relatively weak, the core technology and key components dependent on foreign imports of the situation has not fundamentally reversed. But China's medical device industry has become a relatively complete product innovation capabilities continue to increase, the market demand is very strong at home and abroad sunrise industry. Developed during this Chinese national enterprises, in some areas there are some achievements in recent years, there have been some strong R & D capability, high-tech enterprises in these areas. Development of Chinese nation also needs a large number of medical devices such excellence, continuous technological innovation of enterprises, to change the landscape of China's medical device.